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Price List Modifications

Price List Mods

A modification is required whenever a change is made to your GSA Schedule contract. Most frequently, changes are made to products and/or services, prices, or terms and conditions. They are:

  • Addition – A contractor can add a SIN, products, or services to their pricelist at any point in time, as long as the products or services are commercially available.
  • Deletion – A contractor can delete items from their pricelist at any time, assuming they have no outstanding orders for the items they wish to delete.
  • Price Reduction – A contractor may also reduce prices to the government at any time, and they can be either permanent or temporary.
  • Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) – A contractor is eligible to raise the prices of their products and services to the government following the first 12 months after Award, and every 12 months thereafter. Generally, the Economic Price Adjustment cannot exceed 10% annually for products and labor is governed by the Department of Labor wage index.

Modifications are also required for administrative changes such as authorized negotiators, address(es), phone/fax numbers, a Novation, a Change of Name, or a Small Business Subcontracting Plan. When initiated by the contractor, modification requests must be submitted electronically using the eMod web site.

GSA has developed a single MAS modification guidance, along with Price Proposal Templates. This guidance includes all modification types available in eMod and is meant to ensure that contractors are aware of the information needed to successfully prepare and submit modification requests to their Contracting Officer.

View the current GSA Schedule Modification Guidance.

View the current GSA Schedule Price Proposal Template for Services and Training.

View the current GSA Schedule Price Proposal Template for Products.