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Acquisition Process & Timeline

Before You Submit a GSA MAS Offer

The GSA MAS Offer

The GSA MAS Offer consists of three sections: Administrative, Technical, and Pricing. After you have prepared these documents and templates, you can submit your completed offer in eOffer.

Administrative Section

In this section you must include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Agent Authorization Letter
  • Financial Statements
  • Letter of Supply
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan
  • Certificate of Registration in SAM
  • Readiness Assessment Training Certificate
  • Forward Correspondence Statement
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Exceptions to Representations and Certifications in the FAR

Technical Section

The Technical Proposal includes information and examples of your company’s experience to show GSA you can provide the solutions you are proposing. In the Technical Section you will need to submit:

  • Corporate Experience Narrative
  • Quality Control Narrative
  • Past Performance (if offering services)
    • Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) reports
    • References (if you do not have CPARS reports)
  • Relevant Project Experience
  • Professional Compensation Plan (if providing professional services)
  • Previous Notifications of Determination to Not Exercise an Option Letter (if applicable)
  • Commercial Supplier Agreements (if applicable)

Pricing Section

In this section you will need to include:

  • Commercial Pricelist/Internal Market Rate Sheet
  • Pricing Support Documentation
  • Price Narrative
  • Commercial Sales Practices Form (CSP-1) (if applicable)
  • Price Proposal List
  • Escalation
  • Service Contract Labor Standards Act (SCLS)

After You Submit a GSA MAS Offer

Offer Review and Negotiation

After you submit your offer, a contracting professional will review it. You will work directly with your assigned representative to clarify any questions or issues, correct any errors, and negotiate pricing if necessary.

Post Award

If you receive a GSA Schedule contract award, you are now able to market and sell your commercial products to a range of eligible entities. The GSA Welcome Package can help get you started.


The GSA Schedule program is open enrollment so companies can apply at any time. There is no set timeline from submission to award, but it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the complexity of the offer, what Large Category you are looking to get on, and your knowledge of the regulations.