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Quarterly Sales Report and IFF

What You Need to Know About Reporting Your Quarterly Sales

GSA sales reporting and paying your .75% Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) every quarter is a critical reporting requirement. You should maintain a good system that distinguishes a GSA Schedule sale from a non-GSA Schedule sale. This is important on both the quote, order, and invoice.

What is a GSA Schedule Sale?

If you are selling a GSA Schedule line item, to an authorized buyer, at contract prices (or lower), and there is no evidence of another contract vehicle in place, the order is considered a GSA Schedule sale.

What is Not a GSA Schedule Sale?

  • Open market items (i.e. non contract items/services, ODC & Travel) can be included with contract orders, but must be clearly marked on the quote, order, and invoice. Open market items are NOT reportable GSA Schedule sales.
  • Work as a subcontractor (even if the end user is a government agency) are NOT reportable GSA Schedule sales.

How to Determine if a GSA Schedule Sale is Reportable

One of the most common questions about sales is how to recognize whether or not the sale falls under the GSA Schedule contract. Any one or more of the following may indicate that a sale is a GSA Schedule sale:

  • Product or service is on your GSA contract
  • GSA contract number is stated on the purchase order or task order
  • Ordering information and terms are the same as your GSA contract
  • Customer made contact with you through GSA Advantage! or GSA eBuy web site
  • Pricing is at or below the MAS price
  • There is no indication of any other procurement vehicle being used
  • Sales to private company with a Letter of Authorization using FAR 51 or a FAR 51 Deviation
  • Items provided under the Order-Level Materials (OLD) SIN must be inclusive of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) and is considered a GSA Schedule sale

GSA recognizes a sale recorded in a manner consistent with your established commercial accounting practice.  You may decide to report a GSA Schedule sale upon (1) receipt of order; (2) shipment or delivery, (3) issuance of an invoice; or (4) date payment received.

The FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP)

Make sure your Multi-Factor Authentication account is current and active to access the FAS Sales Reporting Portal.  All access into the FAS SRP is controlled by User ID/Email and must be accurately loaded in your GSA Schedule contract file. Anyone listed on your contract as an Authorized Negotiator has access into the FAS SRP and the ability to report sales and remit IFF.

You can find the FAS SRP here:

The GSA Schedule sales report and IFF payment is due 30 days following the end of a quarter.

  • For the period 01/01 – 03/31: Due by 04/30
  • For the period 04/01 – 06/30: Due by 07/30
  • For the period 07/01 – 09/30: Due by 10/30
  • For the period 10/01 – 12/31: Due by 01/30

Even if no GSA Schedule sales occurred during the quarter, you are still responsible for filing the sales report by entering $0.