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GSA Advantage!

Using GSA Advantage!

GSA Advantage! is the government’s premier online electronic shopping and ordering system. It provides access to thousands of GSA Schedule contractors and millions of products and services allowing federal, state, and local government agencies (buyers) worldwide to search using keywords, national stock numbers, contract numbers and vendor names, compare features, prices, delivery options, and place orders electronically.

GSA Advantage! is a critical GSA compliance item. Within six months of contract award, you are required to upload your approved pricelist to GSA Advantage!. When you submit your GSA Advantage! information, make sure that your text contains key words to assist with search engine optimization (SEO) and improve your visibility in relevant searches to reach prospective buyers.

GSA Advantage! Benefits

  • Quick and easy identification of items with pictures
  • Increases potential for strong government sales
  • 24×7 visibility and ability to broadcast price changes easily
  • A direct link to your company’s website
  • Reduces catalog printing and mailing costs

Getting Your Approved GSA Schedule Catalog On GSA Advantage!

Step 1: Read and become familiar with clause I-FSS-600, Contract Price List of your Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract which addresses the submission of electronic catalogs. Vendors electronic catalog file must be received no later than 6 months after award. Catalogs must be submitted electronically via the Schedule Input Program (SIP) software.

Step 2: All vendors must register with the GSA Vendor Support Center (VSC) online at or by calling toll free at 877-495-4849 (M-F 7:30-5:30 PM EST). The VSC will provide you with a password that is required on all catalog submissions. This password is used to protect your data. VSC personnel can also provide assistance with your SIP catalog submission. All contracts must be registered with the VSC.

Step 3: Submit and update your catalog using SIP. You may submit your catalog including updates and changes 24/7. The data you submit (part numbers, description, prices, etc.) will be seen by your customers. The completeness and accuracy of the data submitted is your responsibility. Please ensure that your products and services are adequately described and remain current. To download the SIP software required to upload your catalog and pricing to GSA Advantage!, go to 


Photos provide the best shopping experience for customers and give you an edge when it comes down to the customer’s final purchase decision. Customers using GSA Advantage! can also limit their search results to only those products with photos. Please note the following:

  • Your photos should be well-lit, crisp, and clear and show the entire product. The product must take up to 80% of the photo area.
  • You may submit more than one photo per product or accessory to show different views (up to 4). You will be required to identify which photo is the default (i.e. primary photo).
  • Photos should be at least 500×500 pixels but we recommend they be at least 800×800 pixels in size for detail viewing. Note: GSA Advantage! will create thumbnails of your images when smaller size is shown.
  • All photos must be in either JPG or GIF format. Photo file size may be no larger than 1MB. File size may not be 0.
  • Maximum file name size is 80 characters and should contain only letters, numbers, and underscores.
  • Photos are encouraged but should be product specific, not logos or generic images.