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GSA eBuy

Using GSA eBuy

GSA eBuy is a powerful and intuitive acquisition tool used by thousands of federal, state, and local government agencies (buyers) worldwide to achieve required competition, best pricing, and best value. Using GSA’s eBuy system, government buyers may prepare and post Requests for Quotations (RFQs) for specific supplies and services offered under GSA Schedule contracts. eBuy allows ordering activities to post requirements, obtain quotes, and issue orders electronically. Posting an RFQ on eBuy is one medium for providing fair notice to all schedule contractors offering such supplies and services (FAR 8.405) and is required when an order contains brand-name specifications (FAR 8.405-6). Contractors must be on GSA Advantage! to use eBuy.

Each RFQ is posted in the eBuy system for a designated period of time and is assigned to a GSA Schedule Special Item Number (SIN) category by the government buyer. The category assignment determines which GSA Schedule contractors (sellers) can receive the email notice to submit quotations.  Sellers are automatically listed under their awarded SINs or functional categories. EBuy RFQs can also be set-aside for small businesses.

GSA eBuy Benefits

  • Only GSA Schedule contractors who have their catalog posted to GSA Advantage! are eligible to submit quotes through eBuy.
  • eBuy increases vendor sales potential as it increases awareness of new business opportunities.
  • Contractors can view and submit proposals on RFQs for their awarded SINs that they were not invited to participate in by logging in at the Vendor Support Center.
  • Contractor’s quotes are not visible to other bidders. Only the buyer can view contractor names and quotes.
  • Contractors may include an attachment with their quote and may contact the buyer via e-mail if clarification is needed.  Contractors may not include open market items in their quote.

Section 863

In 2011, an interim FAR rule was published incorporating section 863 of the Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009. The inclusion of section 863 requires fair notice be given to all contract holders offering the required supplies and/or services prior to placing an order or establishing a FSS Blanket Purchase Agreement estimated over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (currently $250,000). eBuy meets the standard of providing “fair notice to all contractors”, for FAS affected contract vehicles such Schedules, GWACs, and certain MAIDIQ contracts because all vendors offering the required supplies and/or services are able to view the Request for Quote (RFQ). For FSS contracts, if the government buyer does not use eBuy or another means of providing fair notice, they must distribute the RFQ by some other means and receive at least three quotes. The use of eBuy, GSA’s request for quote solution, is the easiest way to meet these new competition requirements.