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Contractor Assessment Visit

Preparing for a Contractor Assessment Visit (CAV)

As a GSA Schedule contract holder, you will be routinely visited by a GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) who will conduct a Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV). GSA’s Examination of Records clause (GSAR 552.238-83) allows the IOA to review any GSA Schedule contractor’s records to verify contractual compliance. Periodically, the GSA IOA will conduct a virtual meeting for the purpose of reviewing company information to measure successful GSA Schedule contract compliance.

The IOA will identify what documentation you will need to have readily available and organized for the CAV to be completed. The following are some examples of the types of documentation that may be necessary during the CAV:

  • The original MAS contract, including the Final Proposal Revision
  • All approved modifications and price lists
  • Any Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) awarded against your GSA Schedule contract
  • Letters-of-supply and country-of-origin information
  • Listing of all GSA-authorized dealers
  • Documented sales tracking system standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • GSA and non-GSA quotes/proposals, invoices and statements of work
  • Company’s sales data in an electronic format

GSA IOA’s do not have the authority to subpoena documents like the OIG does during a full-scale audit, but it is important to keep an open dialogue during this process and establish a healthy working relationship in order to complete these annual visits. It is also important for all applicable personnel familiar with the GSA Schedule contract to be in attendance during the CAV.

Once the IOA has reviewed documents and has knowledge of your company’s processes, he or she will review and select a sample of orders from your sales data. Both GSA and non-GSA orders will be sampled and reviewed in order to ensure that your sales tracking system is allowing you to report all eligible GSA orders at the end of every calendar quarter. Each GSA order will be reviewed to check for the following things:

  • The correct GSA-approved pricing was extended to all GSA customers
  • All of the items provided under the GSA Schedule contract correspond to an approved SIN
  • All deliverables were provided within the contractually negotiated terms

Once the meeting has concluded, your IOA will prepare a Contractor Assessment Report summarizing each area discussed, their findings related to compliance, and recommendations moving forward. Depending on your IOA’s findings throughout the CAV process, this report will come between 7-14 days after the meeting has been concluded.  A copy of the report can be requested from your Contracting Officer and it will be referenced in future CAV meetings.

There are two types of Contractor Assessment Visits:

The Annual Assessment:

A yearly visit intended for GSA contractors reporting over $150,000.00 in GSA sales. The Annual Assessment is an abbreviated version of the End-of-Term Assessment.

The End-of-Term Assessment:

Conducted approximately 12 months before the end of each option period. The End-of-Term Assessment covers a variety of compliance issues including proper tracking and reporting of GSA Schedule sales and IFF payment, price reduction clause compliance, adherence to delivery and warranty terms of contract, scope compliance, labor qualification compliance, Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance, and other critical areas.