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Codan Communications

About Codan Communications

Codan Communications is a trusted global provider of mission critical communications. Since 1938, Codan has supported critical communications for security, public safety, remote land management, and other citizen-supporting organizations. Codan provides the technology government agencies need to enhance communications from across town to across the world. Codan aims to serve and protect its communities by offering better forms of communication.

Codan’s interoperable solutions can endure some of the harshest climates in the world—Codan radio systems are used for everything from search and rescue, law enforcement, wildfire fighting, to traditional paging. With Codan Communications, agencies have access to several solutions based on individual need from stationary infrastructure to tactical transportable solutions.

Codan offers customization for each agency to ensure their instinctive needs are met. In addition to offering solutions for international critical communications, Codan provides ongoing training, education, and support to its customers beyond the initial set up.

How Codan Communications’ Solutions Help the Government

Whether it’s a wildfire, a natural disaster, in the middle of mountains or jungle, or in a warzone, secure and complete communication is critical. Codan Communications offers global solutions for the military, defense, humanitarian, security and public safety markets. Here are some ways Codan Communications’ solutions have helped government agencies:

  • National Disaster and Emergency Solution
  • Coverage in remote locations
  • Embassy and Diplomatic Missions High Frequency Solution
  • Maritime Security Communications Solutions
  • Radio coverage expansion
  • Radio infrastructure networking
  • Interoperability

GSA Schedule Contract number:

GSA Schedule SIN categories:

511210- Software Licenses

33411 – Purchase of New Electronic Equipment


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