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About ColorTokens:

ColorTokens Inc. delivers proactive security for government agencies worldwide. Based in Silicon Valley, ColorTokens protects a government agency’s most valuable network assets and endpoints against cyber-attacks with its Zero Trust (“Never Trust, Always Verify”) approach to securing.

ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrust Platform provides government solutions with unified visibility, cloud workload security, micro-segmentation, Zero Trust network access, and endpoint protection. The platform is based on the NIST Zero Trust framework to address compliance requirements and more importantly, evolving new threats. It’s 100% cloud-delivered for speed, security, granular visibility, and control over applications, endpoints, and network assets to greatly reduce attack surface and prevent possible breaches. ColorTokens eliminates tomorrow’s threats without any disruption to daily operations or without needing additional hardware. 

How ColorTokens’ Solutions Help the Government 

Government agencies are a primary target for cyberattacks because they house valuable sensitive data related to U.S. national security. Federal, state, and local government agencies have an increasing need to protect their networks and the nation’s critical infrastructure.  ColorTokens’ products Xshield and Xprotect offer 24/7 breach prevention services to help government agencies stay protected. 

Xshield: provides complete visibility and micro-segmentation protection for critical network assets, applications, and workloads across multi-cloud environments. Xshield can identify application dependencies, policy violations, and gaps to reduce the attack surface. Xshield also helps to enforce compliance with cybersecurity regulations such as NIST. 

Xprotect: secures endpoints including laptops and servers from ransomware, advanced malware, and file-less attacks. This Zero Trust approach allows federal, state, and local government entities to avoid frequent patch management and expensive operating system refresh cycles. Xprotect also easily co-exists with existing endpoint security measures to provide comprehensive protection. 

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54151ECOM (Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services)

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