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About Meltwater

Meltwater provides government customers with a holistic view of their coverage across the media landscape. As a pioneer of media intelligence, over 30,000 companies use Meltwater to gather relevant insights and track billions of conversations to manage their public affairs efforts.

Meltwater’s platform offers the most comprehensive media monitoring in the market, allowing customers to track every media channel including online outlets, TV & radio, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Weibo, WeChat, forums, review sites, website comments, blogs, print, full text print/premium content, and many more. With Meltwater’s solutions, agencies have access to a targeted media contacts database and distribution platform that assists with outbound public affairs messaging. Meltwater also offers a social media suite with social media management, social research, audience insights, and influencer marketing analysis. These tools allow agencies to analyze and compare media coverage to help justify key decisions on programs.

How Meltwater’s Solutions Help the Government

Misinformation has become a great challenge to the U.S. and can breed mistrust in both government agencies and elected officials. With Meltwater’s platform, government agencies can monitor and analyze media coverage across both news and social media. Agencies can keep tabs on millions of sources. Meltwater’s Enterprise Solutions also staffs a team of public sector industry experts who can deliver additional insights to supplement their software solution.

Melwater’s technologies are not new to the federal government. They have a presence in every federal executive department and have supported several organizations including the Department of Defense, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Homeland Security.

We help government agencies with:

Identify misinformation & false narratives

False news is 70% more likely to be retweeted on Twitter. This finding from MIT’s study suggests we all should be second-guessing our social media feeds. Or (at least!) monitoring them so that you don’t wind up at the center of a fake news storm.

A recent fake news story claiming that Dollar General was closing all of its stores received over 75,000 shares on Facebook — and created mass customer confusion. Is your organization prepared to identify and react to these types of stories?

Monitor your reputation 

The media, influencers, podcasters, and others are talking about your organization and topics relevant to you online. But do you know who is doing the talking? Or how they are mentioning issues relevant to your organization? We can help you monitor and engage in the conversations happening around your agency.

Advanced reporting with AI and human analysis 

Where, when, and how often you’re mentioned matters. Does your current reporting protocol reflect that fact? 

We can help you measure the true impact of your media coverage and public affairs impact — minus the noise. Trust Meltwater’s analysts to deliver your daily news briefing on time and summarized with relevance to your stakeholders. 

Identify risks to your agency

You can’t always anticipate bad news. But you can discover it before it gets out of hand. We can help you be the first to know when a serious Public Affairs crisis is building around your agency. 

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