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Voyager Labs

About Voyager Labs:

Every day, about 2.4 billion people around the world create billions of publicly available, unstructured data points. This lends an opportunity for government agencies because by leveraging this vast ocean of data, agencies can gain deep, actionable public safety insights regarding individuals, groups, and topics.

Voyager Labs is designed to analyze and harness this open-source data, inferring human behavior insights. Voyager Labs uses AI-based technologies such as pattern recognition, machine learning, natural language processing, as well as combinatorial and statistical algorithms. With these deep insights, investigators and analysts get a comprehensive view of individuals, groups, and topics, including social whereabouts, key and hidden relationships, and content based on relevancy and importance to the specific use case.

How Voyager Labs’ Solutions Help the Government 

Voyager Labs’ solutions are fast and simple and enable government agencies to uncover deep, hidden insights. While other solutions can be too complicated and time-consuming, Voyager Lab’s cognitive computing platforms are highly relevant to an agency’s detection, disruption, and investigation of threats.

The Voyager Labs platforms include VoyagerCheck, VoyagerAnalytics, and VoyagerVision. All are completely independent of each other yet seamlessly integrate for a robust investigatory platform enabling explicit decision making.

Here are some of the ways Voyager Labs have helped government agencies:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Organized crime
  • Narcotics Interdiction
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Anti-trafficking
  • Fraud
  • Insider threat
  • Border Security

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VoyagerCheck is a rapid vetting and background check platform that provides risk scores of targets based on available social media information within minutes of identifying and inputting a profile of interest.



VoyagerAnalytics is the expert analytical platform that provides our clients with the ability to conduct deeper collection and analysis in real-time of profiles flagged by the VoyagerCheck system, in addition to any other profiles and topics users choose to analyze.


VoyagerVision applies industry-leading pattern recognition and cognitive computer vision technology to model and analyze the explicit and implicit information contained in oceans of visual data. The platform’s AI-driven relationship and image analysis reveals important insights in near real time, revealing human behavior that may not immediately obvious from other sources.

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